My favorite pastime

Kurssilla ENA2 pyydettiin kirjoittamaan mm. aiheesta My favourite pastime. Tässä yksi tyylinäyte.

My favorite thing to do in my free time is a little game that I invented myself. It is called cheese throwing and the rules are kind of simple. All you need is slices of cheese or a block of cheese, depends which one you prefer to be the best option. Then you need to get somewhere high, for example a cliff or top of a building and all you need to do after that is to find a target on the streets and try to hit that target with the cheese you have.

I personally prefer younger people aged 20-25 because they will get angrier quicker than others. But if you’re a beginner at this new exotic hobby you should try to pick easier targets, like elderly people or couples walking slowly. This free time hobby doesn’t include that much money in it even though cheese might be a little bit expensive sometimes.

I started doing this myself because a while ago a group of people were standing and talking loudly under my window at 1 AM. At first it didn’t matter because they didn’t do anything disturbing or illegal but suddenly I heard one of them suggesting that they should throw snowballs at people’s windows for no reason. Of course I had to defend myself and ran to my fridge for some weird reason and took the cheese package and I just started throwing those bits of cheese at them. The funniest part of this is that the group of people hadn’t even started to throw those snowballs at my and my neighbors’ windows before I started slinging those slices.

After that I just fell in love with cheese throwing and started doing it almost every weekend. I enjoy people getting mad and yelling at me from the streets because I know I’m safe at my home and we even have a door code at our house.

Based on a true story.

Text: Ambro Urjansson

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