English writing club: Argumentative essay

“We should look towards the future, but with a wisdom we gained from the past”

Is there such a thing as perfection? I think there isn’t, even though I find myself quite often reaching for it. That being said, I believe that there is good and bad and something between them, but everything in life can always be done better and therefore perfection doesn’t exist. In my mind, Jose Manuel Barroso’s quote is brilliant and we can all learn from it. I suppose in his speech he was probably talking about some kind of a political issue, but I believe that thegiven quote is a great guideline to use in all aspects of everyday life.

As we all know, we can’t change the past. The future is the only thing we can make an impact on. Therefore, I think that learning from the past mistakes is the best way to reach the greatest results in the future. Additionally, there aren’t probably many things that humans haven’t done before, as many new concepts are actually only a better version of the older ones.

All in all, reaching for better results in the future doesn’t mean starting from scratch, it means learning how to do something better than someone has done before. It might be a government who finds a way to make a certain decision better than the older government or it could be a student who needs to plan their budget to be more sustainable. At the end of the day, the good and the bad decisions made in the past can work as our source of information in the future.

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