My experience at the Egs exhibition


Course ENA03 visited the Egs exhibition in Taidehalli. The students were asked to write about their experience. They got three questions to think about: How was your experience at the museum? Which two exhibits were your favourites? Why?

Approximately two weeks ago right before the winter holiday, me and my friends made our way to the Egs exhibition. I did some background research on the artist and I found out that Egs is one of the most well known Finnish graffiti artists worldwide. I had never been in an art exhibition before this so it was truly an eye-widening experience. I had quite a bit of doubts about going to exhibitions, especially art-related. Luckily my thoughts have changed since then.

I walked through a big wooden door and went inside. There was also a lobby where you could hang your coats and buy tickets for different exhibitions. There were also a few other exhibitions going on at the same time. The Egs exhibition was on the second floor, so you had to make your way there by walking up a set of stairs. I walked up the stairs and I was truly stunned by what I saw. At the end of the stairs there was this framed graffiti artwork right on the wall. It represented a map of Africa and Europe with a few stains of black spray paint. It had partially a dim lighting on the corners and a bit brighter lighting in the middle. The different colors and the overall lighting brought a fine balance to the artwork which made it definitely one of the favourite artworks I have ever seen. When I saw it felt like someone pulled a carpet under my feet. I took a picture of this masterpiece and I have it displayed above this paragraph.

I was still a little bit amazed at the previous artwork when I saw the second one. And this one made me completely lose my focus on anything that was around me. The picture of the artwork is displayed above this paragraph where you can view it yourself. This second one was this huge graffiti artwork that depicted the map of the whole world. The scale wasn´t exactly one for one but it looked very impressive. The graffiti only used the color black and honestly, that’s all it needed. Something about it just really caught my attention. It had good lighting, clear colors and the overall precision made the entire artwork look extremely sharp and outstanding. This was one of my favourite artworks I have seen as well and afterwards I am really happy that I could see it. Rest of the exhibition was very entertaining and good-looking. There were a few more interesting artworks but none of them really caught my eye in the way that these two previous ones did.



Before this visit to the exhibition I had very low expectations about art, museums, etc. Seeing that some people have put in a lot of time, work and effort to produce and make these magnificent paintings, artworks and sculptures is simply amazing. Like I mentioned earlier, this was an authentic eye-widening experience.

Text and photos by Paavo Juhola

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