Even prostitutes go to Ateneum

Roman Moisescot CC BY-ND-NC
Photo: Roman Moisescot

January 12th I paid a visit to Ateneum. I went there to see the famous work of Mr.Henri Cartier-Bresson. Sure, I had heard the name before. But little did I know how impressed I would be after seeing all of the exhibition.

One step into the Cartier-Bresson section, and I almost found myself gasping for air. I saw huge black and white photographs in every direction. The pictures were very impressing. Shot from various angles, using different perspectives. Every single one of them giving me the creeps. Despite that they were all shot in black and white, and some of the pictures shared the same shooting location, I was amazed by how many different moods I sensed from similar looking pictures. The cultural separation was very strongly shown in the pictures but also the exhibition was sectioned by continents. Every element used in these pictures appealed to me.

What truly caught my eye, were the pictures taken in the area called “Calle Cuauhtemoctzin”, Mexico City. It did not take me long to realize that the two middle-aged women smiling in the pictures were prostitutes. Both women had a powerful makeup covering their face and the other lady had pearls around her neck. The only conflict in these pictures was the fact that these women did not look tacky or cheap. I would say that they had a vibe of a domestic wife. These pictures taking place in 1934, I think Cartier-Bressons’ point was for everyone to see that almost anything can be beautiful in this world.

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