Inspiroiva virtuaalivierailu: fyysikko Venus Keus

Marraskuun puolivälissä Mäkelänrinteen lukiossa vieraili virtuaalisesti tohtori Venus Keus, joka on Helsingin yliopistossa tutkimustyötä tekevä fyysikko. Tohtori Keus on syntynyt ja opiskellut Iranissa, mutta hän on jatkanut opintojaan eurooppalaisissa yliopistoissa mm. Hollannissa, Ruotsissa ja Belgiassa. Hän piti englannin tunnilla inspiroivan, suorastaan vangitsevan esityksen siitä, mitä fyysikot tutkivat ja kuinka sellaiseksi voi tulla.

Ohessa on opiskelijoitten tohtori Keusille lähettämiä kysymyksiä ja kommentteja ja hänen vastauksiaan opiskelijoille.

I have tried to provide answers to the students comments below. I am happy to also meet with the students again if they have more questions or want to know more about a physicist’s life 😉.

1. ”It was very interesting to notice that she is so passionate about physics and she really loves her job. Her presentation gave me some hope that I can also be good in physics if I try enough. I would like to ask her what her normal working day is like? ” You can definitely be a physicist and a good one too. All you need to do is not give up. My day usually starts with a couple of hours of Calisthenics, and about 8-10 hours of physics. Sometimes I even work longer because it’s just so fun. The more you learn, the more fun it gets.

2. ”I found the presentation extremely informational and interesting. It was very easy to follow and the way she presented it was fun and very educational. I myself am very interested in physics so that made the subject also very interesting to me. ” I am very glad to hear that! I look forward to seeing you in few years when you are a physicist.

3. ”I think I have not witnessed such interesting and great presentation that Dr Keus gave us. The dark matter made The strongest impression on me.” That is fantastic! I am very glad that you liked my talk and I’m even more glad that you like dark matter.

4. ”I would like to ask her about her studying methods. The best way to understand something is trying to explain it to other people. They say ”if you have learnt something very well, you should be able to teach it to your grandmother”. So, studying together with other people and discussing it, is a very good method. I sometimes walk around the room and try to teach what I have just read to myself. That really helps me.

5. ”I was interested in the presentation, and I would still like to ask her about her job.” It’s a very fun job: you never stop learning new thing, you go to work to think about stuff and tell people about it, and you get to travel a lot and meet a lot of cool people. Unfortunately, it does also have dirty politics as well, but I guess that’s in every job.

6. ”It was very interesting. The amount of unknown in the universe is so huge and all the things start with dark which was quite funny. ” That’s what I find so exciting. You have to find the answer to questions that no one knows. I kind of feel like the early human inventing the wheel, or discovering fire.

7. ”I liked the lesson because it differed so much from our normal lessons. I think the presentation was really good and interesting. Dr Keus gave a lot of detailed and precise information about physics. ” I’m very glad you liked it! Thanks so much for the positive feedback.

8. ”What made the strongest impression on me was how they (physicists) have managed to divide atoms into smaller pieces although atoms are already so so small particles. It’s also amazing how most of the world is made up of dark matter about which people don’t even know much. ” Oh yeah, there is so much we don’t know about the universe. That’s why you guys should come and join us and we’ll discover new things together.

9. ”I would still like to ask Dr Keus what is her favourite calisthenics movement and would she recommend that kind of exercise to us too. ” Oh, I love every Calisthenics move. The Planche is obviously very majestic, but my ultimate goal is the ”inverted iron cross on the rings”. Look it up, it’s divine! I very highly recommend Calisthenics. It gives your body overall and functional fitness. It brings out the human body’s true potential. Plus, you can do it anywhere without the need of any weights or equipment. It is the perfect exercise for Corona times.

10. ”I thought she explained complex ideas extremely well and in a way that made them understandable. She made the lesson engaging and I didn’t zone off once since she made the lesson quite inspiring and fascinating. She talked about subjects that we’ve had in physics and definitely expressed them in a way that was clearer than what I’ve heard before. ” Thank you so much! This is a wonderfully positive feedback. I aim to do exactly as you said, make it easy and understandable. The truth is that physics is really easy and fun. I don’t know why students are scared of it.

11. ”My feelings were somehow little confused. I have never understand anything about physics and some things that she told us were like hebrew to me. This does not mean that i was not interested about the things she was saying but most of the things were just too hard for me to understand. Strongest impression to me made her story about how she ended up in Finland and that thing when she told us about Einsteins wife. I feel like i have nothing special to ask her, but i want to say that the presentation itself were really interesting and great and her speaking was really clear and i enjoyed it a lot 🙂 ” Thank you so much. I feel very bad that I didn’t manage to excite you. People learn differently and are excited about different things. I have to learn how to engage more people in my presentation. Next time, please do tell me which parts of the talk were not clear. I will be more than happy to try to explain them in a different way, and learn from you and your approach to learning. This will be very useful for me.

12. ”I think she was a very interesting as a person and strongest impressions to me made when she told what she has done. I don’t have anything more to ask her. ” Thanks so much! I’m glad my personality shows through my presentation too.

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