Exchange year in Canada

In our English class we had a special guest who came to talk to us about something interesting. Let me tell you about her.

Ditte Louhikoski is a student from our school and she was an exchange student in Canada Montreal. We interviewed her and asked her some questions.

So the main question is, why Canada?

She didn’t go through any organisation, Ditte is a synchronized skater and her coach recommended the team in Montreal. In her host family she had parents, a sister who was born in 1998 and a 12-year-old brother. The first meeting with the family was at the airport with her parents.

There were some differences between Finland and Canada. One thing was the school system. Ditte told us that she went to public school, high school, of course, but the system was like middle school. They got a lot of homework and school was a little bit hard in the beginning but that is totally understandable. We asked her how long it took to get used to the normal daily routine. She told us that she went to Canada several weeks before the school started because the training started earlier. So when the school started she had already got a little bit used to life in Canada.

If we now talk a little bit about the sport which was a really big thing in Ditte´s exchange year. She started synchronized skating when she was four years old. In Canada her team had training six times a week and every training session was six hours long. So that´s A LOT of training. And there is also a funny thing. Her team had a competition against Finland.  

So overall Ditte really enjoyed her time in Montreal and it was nice to see the world. She didn’t have any bad experiences during her time there. Her English got better and she also learned some French. She told us that she was very happy to meet her Finnish friends again and when it comes to the Canadian friends, they are still in touch through Snapchat and Facetime. The last question was whether she would go again as an exchange student if she had a chance. The answer was no. Ditte said that she had learned to appreciate Finland and look at things from different perspectives.

Text: Vilma Merikari

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