Love your neighbour

In Finland neighbours rarely interfere with each other’s lives, mainly because people feel like there’s no time for everything and everyone and they might find community-mindedness old-fashioned. But not only this, Finns also prefer silence over talking and some even find social scenes uncomfortable and awkward. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many deal with issues of expressing themselves. Sometimes even asking for help is a leap of faith.

Even though Finns don’t talk too much, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to be heard. In the worst case scenario they end up lonely and might just commit suicide and all just because they were lacking a companion. Personally, I find this highly unfortunate because I feel like this could be changed with small, but meaningful acts of love. For example, whenever you meet your neighbor, greet him. Of course at first he or she might find the situation odd, but by doing this regularly enough, one day they might be the first ones to greet. Soon after that, you’ll be small talking every time you meet them and end up exchanging little thoughts about what’s going on in the world. Some think that this is a waste of time, but I know it makes a difference, especially to the lonely ones. I’m sure that the granny next door appreciates the fact that I ask her about her well-being and sometimes stop to listen to her life knowledge. It’s important to show people that someone does really care and is willing to spare time for a conversation.

So, my conclusion is that a little amount of neighbourly love isn’t old-fashioned, but important and something that truly makes a difference.

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