Nykyajan klassikkosatu

Englannin suullisella kurssilla luotiin moderneja versioita Andersenin sadusta Prinsessa ja herne (The Real Princess). Tässä yksi opiskelijoitten esittämistä tarinoista.


There was once a Prince who wished to marry a Princess; but then she must be a real Princess. So the prince uploaded Tinder to find some love. There were a lot of girls but no one of them was interested in his masculine photos. The prince deleted the app and became sad because he really wanted to find a princess.

One spring a terrible virus emerged and no one was able to be in contact with other people. The prince was really frustrated but then out of nowhere, someone knocked on the door. The old King, the Prince’s father, went out himself to open it.

It was a princess with a royal facemask. She was there trying to sell hand disinfectant for the royal family. She said she was a real Princess. ”Ah! we shall soon see that!” thought the oldQueen-mother; however, she said not a word of what she was going to do; but went quietly into the bathroom, took the cheapest and the worst hand disinfectant and offered it for the princess. The princess noticed that because she was a disinfectant professional. However she was too polite to refuse it. The princess stayed at the castle overnight.

The next day the queen asked her how her hands were. “Oh, horrible“, she replied. “They smell like pee”.

Now it was plain that the lady must be a real Princess, since she had been able to smell the cheap disinfectant. None but a real Princess could have had such a delicate sense of smell.

The Prince accordingly made her his wife; being now convinced that he had found the real Princess.

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