Meet Jenny from South Korea

Jenny in school uniform

Jenny in school uniform

Text: Julius Karhapää and Markus Haapasaari

This year three new exchange students came to study in our school. One of them is studying English in our group. She is Jenny, her real name is Han Jee Won. She’s a South-Korean exchange student in our school. We got a job to interview Jenny and write a small report.

Jenny came here because her friend had been in Finland as an exchange student and she had told Jenny that Finland is an awesome place. She also said that it’s great to study in Finland. She has already been here in Finland for almost two weeks and she’s going to stay here for the whole year.

She lives in Kilo, Espoo. Jenny said that so far Finland and her family have been really nice. Her Finnish host family consists of two sisters and one brother. There’s also another exchange student, he’s from Brazil. Her own family in South-Korea consists of parents and one brother.

Because Jenny is from another country we were interested in school in Korea. She told us that school is different and harder. They have the same classroom and 40-pupil group all the time so they study with the same people. They have nice school uniforms in Korea as you can see in the picture.

She said that the most horrible thing is food. She likes smashed potatoes and meatballs. Jenny said that green soup (spinach soup) was terrible. The food has been a little bit shock but Jenny survives great.


Jenny is lonely because everything is new and she hasn’t made new friends yet. So if you see her sitting alone, just go and start a conversation!


Jenny with friends

Jenny with friends


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