Lauri Tammi visits Märsky

Lauri Tammi

Lauri Tammi

Text: Johannes Haapaniemi
Photo: Johannes Haapaniemi

Lessons can be hard for students. They are almost always the same with teachers teaching their subject while students listen and take notes. It was a different case in our previous English class. We got the chance to meet and talk to a former student of Märsky, Lauri Tammi.

Before Lauri visited us, we had played a game called lie detectors in our English class. It’s a game where you make up one lie and two truths about yourself and tell them to your fellow students. The others then try to guess which one is a lie. When Lauri came to our class we were told that we would play lie detectors  with him. Only this time we wouldn’t be making up stories but instead Lauri would tell us 4 stories one of which would be a lie.

The first one that he told us was that he had interrailed across Europe with a broken arm. The second one was that while in China, he had been arrested by the secret police and that he met his love in an elevator. The third one was that when he was working in an airplane he had opened one of the doors in the airplane. The fourth one was that he had commentated on a football match which was broadcasted on national television. After he had told us the stories we started questioning him about them.

He told us that when he had finished Märsky he wanted to go interrailing. He broke his arm before he should’ve left but it did not stop him from going. We questioned hard about everything and the only story he failed to describe with confidence was that he had commentated on a football match. He told us that he had been casually sitting in his couch when they called him asking him if he could commentate. He had had so much confidence in his stories, for example when he told us that there was this guy who told him to try to open the door and he had do it that it was very odd when he started to mumble. His skills in speaking and telling a story were excellent. So we all agreed that the story about the football match was a lie. Except for one. One of us started his own ”Sherlock Holmes investigation” and gave a good analysis why it would be the plane story that was a lie. Although he had a few good points the rest of us stuck to the football story. Lauri then told us that every one of us was wrong. Except for that one boy. He told us that he really had been interrailing with a broken arm. That he had been arrested by China’s secret police and when he had told them that China was a great country they had let him go. He really did meet his girlfriend in an elevator in China. And that he had commentated on several football matches on national TV.

It was great to see a former Märsky student who had done so many different things in his life even after his football career hadn’t succeeded. The best way to describe Lauri would be to say that he’s an adventurer. His speaking skills were amazing and he felt like a down-to-earth kind of guy.  After Lauri’s visit I have to say that it was one the best English oral classes I have been to.

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